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Hey, I’m Suumit Tagde – Your Expert in SEO and PPC Strategies

Everyone has a different story in life with ups and downs, and here’s mine. Fresh out of an engineering college in India, I embarked on a journey to London to pursue a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering at the University of the UK. Graduating in 2019, I hit a roadblock: without a UK work visa for international students, my engineering career was stalled before it even began.

Determined to build in-demand career skills, I enrolled in a second UK Master’s degree in Digital Marketing at Northumbria University in Newcastle. To stay financially afloat, I worked nights packing sauces in a factory—a far cry from my engineering studies.

The Journey from Engineering to Digital Marketing

As I was finding my footing in this new world of digital marketing, the COVID-19 pandemic upended lives and industries worldwide. With the factory shutting down, I was left adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

But in the eye of the storm, inspiration struck. Leading a student team to launch an herbal skincare brand’s e-commerce website for a digital marketing class project ignited my passion for specialties like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and web analytics.

Armed with this hands-on experience, I landed an entry-level content writing role at a London startup. Soon, I was crafting blog posts optimized for long-tail SEO keywords and e-commerce product descriptions designed to convert.

Building Digital Marketing Expertise

Over the next 2 years, I seized every opportunity to expand my digital marketing skillset:

  • Email Marketing and Analytics: For an electronics company.
  • Social Media Management: For an architecture firm.
  • Graphic Design and SEO: For an e-commerce fashion brand’s website.
  • PPC Campaign Management: For a digital marketing agency.

With each role, my confidence and expertise in areas like search engine optimization grew exponentially.

I landed my first job as a Senior SEO Specialist at White Lab Digital Marketing Agency in London. Here, I felt like a captain charting my course in the digital marketing world:

  • Conducting technical SEO audits and creating action plans.
  • Analyzing website traffic and performance metrics.
  • Implementing link-building strategies to improve domain authority.
  • Managing Google Ads PPC campaigns to increase ROI.
Case Studies: Real-World SEO and PPC Success

The uncertain engineering student who once sailed far from home is now a thriving digital marketing expert.

Reflecting on my journey: “When one door closes, look for an open window. Let challenges make you better, not bitter. The hardest roads often lead to the most fulfilling destinations.”

Your Path to Digital Marketing Success

Today, I steer my successful digital marketing consultancy, helping clients increase organic traffic, leads, and revenue through targeted SEO, PPC, email marketing, and analytics strategies. I love empowering fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners to find digital marketing success.